Perpetually Peeved

Let the peeve begin…

Without fail, there is at least one completely infuriating, aggravating or just plain grating thing that will happen to me every day.  Yes, I realize that I can’t get aggravated unless I let myself become aggravated.  And, you thinking that is one of my peeves… more on that later.  I know I’m not alone here.  There are things that drive you absolutely batty, you know it, I know it.  You just don’t catalogue them like I do.  See, not only am I easily set off, I never forget any little thing.  I’m also genetically predisposed to not being happy unless I’m complaining.  Or, maybe that’s just a New York thing. 

In any case, I figured I’d share these peeves in the hopes that someone can at least get some enjoyment out of my disorder.  Okay, I’m full of shit.  I just want to vent and this is my sorry ass excuse to do it.  (I’m also predisposed to making excuses – even when they aren’t necessary – and lying – just because I can.)

If you’re like me, you won’t read the “About” page of this blog.  So, I’ll repeat a bit of it here.  I’m nothing if not honest. Don’t get your panties in a bunch and take things personally.  If you think I’m talking about you, I probably am.  Get over it.  You annoy me sometimes.  Hell, I annoy myself.  Out of fairness, I’ll be sure to include my own annoying quirks.  Also, I’m not PC.  If you are PC, don’t read my blog.  Or, at least, don’t comment on it like your obnoxious PC self.  Then I’ll have to delete your post and I’m too lazy to want to do that.

There – you were warned.  Happy reading.


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I already love it and have subscribed. Living Dilbert is always peeved.

Comment by livingdilbert

*Puts heat to 22. Puts feet on coffee table. Sits on couch in jim jams with scotch in hand*

Ahhhh. I’m at home here.

Comment by The Orifice

I would like to find out how to get even and be annoying to a mosquito.

Comment by Carl D'Agostino

Then just keep reading — I’m not a mosquito, but I have been known to bite from time to time.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

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