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Maybe Momma should have named you Apple…

So, today is my day (me being a mother and all), so I’ll keep this short and sweet.  Okay, not sweet, but short in any case.  Here is the peeve of the day:  people who have a name with a non-traditional spelling that get all pissy when you spell it the conventional way.  One of my nearest and dearest friends has a name spelled with a “y” that is usually spelled with an “i.”  Does she get upset if someone uses the traditional spelling?  No.  Why?  Well, a) because she’s not a fucktard and b) because she usually tells people, “my name is Robyn, with a “y.”

Recently, I worked on a project which entailed sending packets out to roughly 400 people whose name had to be manually written on the cover page.  A lady by the name of Rachael decided that her name being spelled “Rachel” was just too damn much for her and felt the need to write, “You spelled my name wrong!” (yes, exclamation point and all) on the front of the packet before returning it.  Um, first of all, who cares if your name is spelled wrong on a piece of paper that only you and I will see?  Second of all – no, bitch, I didn’t spell your name wrong – your momma did.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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What a great peeve for Mother’s Day. I am so glad that I am not a fucktard! Thanks for making me laugh and cry on this glorious Monday….

Comment by Laughing hysterically

Even more irritating is when you have the most common name in the history of the universe and people still can’t spell it right! Jeniffer…or how ’bout…Jenifer….there’s always Jenniffer….you get the idea. However, the biggest fucktard award has to go to my parents for giving me the name in the first place. I mean seriously, did you not notice all the other little girls in the nursery with the same freakin’ name?

Comment by JAY-O

Bwa hahahaha. Love it!

I took have a name that is always spelled wrong. The thing is I dont blame people if theyve only heard it and never seen it. Not their fault. But when its on my email, email signature and business card and they still get it wrong, then im sorry, but youre a bloody moron.

Love your work PP. Keep it up.

Comment by The Orifice

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My name gets spelled wrong all the time. I just slap that e on the end, no biggie. More recently though, the letter x is making its way into more names. Like Jaxson instead of Jackson. It discombobulates me.

Comment by Brooke

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