Perpetually Peeved

Being late is so five minutes ago

I’m not going to say that I’m never late for anything, but if I am it is certainly not my fault.  It drives me absolutely insane to be late.  I get the shakes, start seeing shades of red and snap at everyone and everything until I arrive at my destination. 

Lolly-gagging should be against the law.  I understand if you wake up late or come upon unforeseen circumstances  that put you behind.  But, if you have enough time to get where you need to be and instead you are doing busy things, I just want to scream, "MOVE YOUR ASS!" at the top of my lungs.  This is not good when you have kids, and I am working on it. 

There are certain people who think being late is part of their persona.  Oh, so-and-so is always late.  That’s not an excuse.  My mother knows she is going to be late to her own funeral.  She sets her clock ahead 5 minutes to "trick" herself into going places on time and then says, "Oh that clock is 5 minutes fast… I have time."  As a matter of fact, my mother was supposed to come over last night at 6:00pm…  guess who just walked through the door today at 9:30am?

Mom this morning - arriving at 9:30 am... doesn't seem to phase her much.

AAAAAHHHHH!  Going to have coffee now.  If I’m going to have the shakes, it might as well be from caffeine.

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“Always get there plenty early. And you are running late, since you left extra early, you will not be late because you will still be early. You better learn this, son. because I’m talking about getting on the big bus called life.”

Comment by Carl D'Agostino

Yeah, the late people get to take the short bus called life. Let that be a lesson to them all.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

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