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Actually, God is a puppy…

The other day, on the way home from school/work, Smalls (my 4-year-old) asked me what God looked like.  So, I tried to give her the line about God being in everything… blah, blah, blah…  hey, I learned how to skip class back in Sunday school.

Me: Wrapping up yada yada speech

Smalls: Yeah, but what does he look like?

Me:  Well, do you think God is a man or a woman?

Smalls:  Actually, I know what God looks like.  God is a puppy.  I saw it on that show – you know, the one with the cat and the mouse.  The cat is gray and white…

Me:  You mean Tom and Jerry?

Smalls:  Yeah, that’s it.  I saw it on Tom and Jerry.  Tom goes to heaven and God is a puppy.

Me:  Glad you’re getting a religious education.

So, this little exchange sparked a thought in my mind (and, made me start singing Joan Osbourne’s song).  You know what really gets me?  When people say they’ve “found God/Jesus.”  Now, I don’t have anything against the sentiment, it’s the semantics that drives me bonkers.  What do you mean you “found” him?  Was he hiding?  Did you look away for a second and he ran into the clothes rack?  Did you get a secret map with an X on it and go on an expedition?  Did you type “Jesus” into your GPS?  Because, it seems to me, if I was “looking” for God or Jesus, first I would go to Google Maps and if that didn’t work, I probably wouldn’t have to go much farther than the local church.  Or, if you live in Small’s world, the local pound.

Love this... am ordering from right now.

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Comment by livingdilbert

i’m with smalls. local pound baby.

Comment by katie o.

Hmmmm. Well since about the year 34 AD hundreds of millions have found Him. I think that perhaps the “finding” may not be an event but a process. We have to be available. It’s like He presents us with an invitation. We find that a spiritual umbilical chord is created. It takes focus and commitment to maintain and grow the relationship.There’s a lot of evidence that He has gotten “found” I see it when a drug addict recovers to be a social worker, when a child volunteers at the free food handout center, and when gushing parents bring the infant before the congregation for baptism. I saw Him in hurricane Wilma and a decade earlier hurricane Andrew. He was there as people had no electric for three weeks. We shared water and food and strangers were taken in by people who still had their roof. And people endured. Had confidence in a future like they had some kind of thing promised to them. The Resurrection may not be an exclusive event. It seems it is available to all. At least that’s how we felt being alive and rebuilding our lives guided by His Light.

I appreciate the piece knowing that it’s wholesome humor. The subtle ridicule is amusing not cruel And you may truly be on to something with this “puppy” thing. The puppy will give you as much love as you allow and it’s unconditional. And as the puppy grows, you grow and the relationship is such that the puppy will be part of you forever. Yeah. Okay. God’s a puppy. A perfectly delightful metaphor in my mind.

Comment by Carl D'Agostino

Im sorry but religion does my head in. Grrrr!

Great post as always PP.

Comment by The Orifice

Quick, O. Grab your scotch! 🙂

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

THANK YOU! I needed this chuckle this morning! I also like the one that says “I found Jesus, if noone claims him in 30 days, I get to keep him.”

Sorry… fell into the sar-chasm…

Comment by breaaire

Oh, that’s a good one! Thanks for stopping by!

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

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