Perpetually Peeved

Spam is only good in fried rice

It’s true.  Spam fried rice is actually pretty amazing.  Spam of the email variety, however, is not. I feel like my mailbox, my inbox, my life is full of spam.  

What do you mean no one really wants to reconnect with me on  But the email said…

Now, I have one more way to get spam… in my comments box at WordPress.  Luckily, they have a filter that catches them for you.  But, still, it is so disappointing when you think you have a legit comment and it’s spam. I was going through said filter and came across this.  It was so classic, I almost approved it.  Then I thought, why put out a potentially harmful virus for the sake of a good laugh?  I’ll just convert it to a picture.  Because, really, I want to find this person and hang out with them.  

Best. Spam. Ever. (that is not mixed in with rice, egg and peas)

Scottish porn, Kristin Chenoweth nude, amateur microkini, adult diaper tights, fifths disease and adult symptoms, mature brotha lovers, pregnant women on antidepressants, and adult match maker Australia.  If you throw in some jello shots, it sounds a lot like a party I had back in college.  

The spam discovery prompted me to further investigate the stats available on WordPress.  My new favorite hobby:  looking to see what search terms land people on this page.  


1.  This is why you need to google yourself to see what comes up. 

2.  We are probably not going to get along. 

3.a and 3.b  Who knew acrostic poetry was so popular? 

4.  Wait, let me guess… it’s on his back. 

5.a and 5.b  My gift to you:  – how do you get perpetually right and not peeve? 

Apparently, I’m a dirty bird – 3 hits for trucks that make your penis look big and 4 sex-related search terms.  Oh, and Scooby porn?  What?  My gift to you:


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Goodness gracious me… off to check my wordpress filters; didn’t know they existed!

Comment by davehambo

Yes, this is what spawned my “Elephants Shitting post” And my “Thanks for the Beef” post:

I check the search terms quite frequently. It’s amusing.

Comment by writerdood

Hysterical! Mutant genitalia? Shitting on the road? I can only aspire to those.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

I see my name up there spam thing. I do not understand. I don’t remember commenting on rant of that title. Could someone have used my name and attached a spam.I never comment on things in bad or offensive blog or comment in such a way. I never use profanity. Peeved have I done something improper of which I know not? Has someone gotten my email to spam people. I use a unique system that is virtually impossible to hack into. If something improper is happening please contact me so I can have my pentagon boys look at it.

Comment by Carl D'Agostino

No D’Ag. That is not a spam with your name on it. It is a list of terms people searched (say on Google) that directed them to my page. So, someone was looking you (or some other Carl D’Agostino up) and came across this blog. 🙂 Please don’t worry – no one is hacking or spamming on your behalf.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Whew! I am new to this and want to be respectful of the protocols. Plus I would be scared to death if I got on this international “peeved at” list. Then my ex-wife’s lawyer would find another reason to send me a 500 page petition even though the divorce was in 1984.

Comment by Carl D'Agostino

lol. Interestingly enough, I’ve been collecting random Google searches for a future post. One that led to my blog yesterday: shirtless and nipples on display

And scooby doo porn video? That’s it – my kids are never getting on the internet 😛

Comment by Pop

Lol, most people find my blog by searching for brothels (usually in Lucerne, Switzerland) since I’ve been to Lucerne and mentioned brothels in exactly 1 post!

Comment by Kristin

I’m pretty sure that I have the largest following of serial killers in Blogland. I did a post a long time ago on the unsanitary, disgusting conditions prevalent in every butcher shop in Spain. I added a few photos of the hanging meat …..and waallaah!

Every day I get at lest 10 to 50 hits each for tags and terms that only a serial killer would dream up.

Comment by Scott Oglesby

I’ve just had “Courgette condom” but my best one was “Puppies dogs sucking womens titties”, or something.

Comment by blogmella

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