Perpetually Peeved

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

After 12 hours in the car and horrendous Baltimore traffic (I know, who lives in Baltimore, right?), we spent the night at the Embassy Suites in Delaware. We made it in time for the “manager’s reception” (a/k/a the free drinks that keep you from going mental on the ankle-biters). After we let the kids lick some coffee stirrers, we hit the pool, got them room service and left them in the care of Masochistic Babysitter and Master Sanity Saver.

While enjoying more drinks at the TGI Fridays, we realized our cousins live in Delaware. Guess what? They all lived practically around the corner and they all made it out! 6 cousins that all range in age from 12 to 27. (I have like 24 first cousins – what? We’re Italian!). With the exception of FaceBook,I hadn’t seen them all in about 11 years.

This was awesome to say the least. Until I got to the point when the second oldest said, “God, I’m getting old.” She’s going to turn 25. I used to babysit her.

I was feeling kind of old already with my birthday coming up this week, but this reunion combined with a reminder (which came in the form of a massive headache and the feeling that a cat shat in my mouth)that more than 4 drinks after the age of 25 is not a good idea totally sealed the deal. Someone get me my walker and give me a hand getting up, please.

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You worked damn hard for that do, enjoyed obviously… morning hangover?

Comment by davehambo

“Cat shat” in your mouth…… Ugh! So much for my 4th of July appetite….. 🙂

Comment by redriverpak

I’d take Baltimore traffic over DC traffic any day.

Did you have the Friday’s Sangria or cotton candy drink? I’m addicted.

Comment by thoughtsappear

“Old” concept kicked in for me when I realized the first kids I taught in my teaching career are now 49 years old!

Comment by Carl D'Agostino

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