Perpetually Peeved

Can I ask a totally stupid question?


You can’t.

Sit down.

Yes, folks, you guessed it.  I’m late posting today because I was in a mandatory HR training session.  Sexual harassment — cue inappropriate jokes, iPhone Words with Friends and (dun! dun! dun!) stupid questions.

Who are these people and why have they been following me around since high school?  Here’s the deal.  We have to make it through at least a half hour of someone telling us shit that should be common sense.  We don’t need your dumb ass coming up with ridiculous scenarios and off-topic questions to prolong the torture.  Don’t feel like just because they gave you a bagel you need to raise your hand.

Whoever came up with the quote, “there are no stupid questions” obviously never heard, “What if I like a particular sports team and I have their poster on my wall and someone comes in and they don’t like that sports team and so they’re offended?” asked at a sexual harassment session.  Even the poor trainer (could you imagine – I’d rather do the sex talk to middle schoolers) was like, “Well, are they naked in the poster?”

There is a one stupid question quota.  You hit it about 4 questions ago.  Now, shut the hell up, eat your bagel and let’s get out of here.

Good gravy, is it noon yet?

Go to if you haven't already. Funny stuff.

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The really worrying crap is that they pay for these nerds to do this stuff!

Comment by davehambo

I love! We once had a similar session before on LGBTs and the workforce – that was painful.

Comment by Pop

So, so, so many stupid questions and big, burly men giggling.

Comment by Pop

Damn your writing is sexy! OOhhh Mama! Oops….was that sexist?…..sorry…my bad….I have not been in the workplace in years and had forgotten how to properly act. Please excuse my rude and sexist behavior… 🙂

Comment by The Idiot Speaketh

It’s only harassment if I’m offended. Lucky for you, I’m actually flattered. 😉

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

I feel your pain. To keep an insurance license, you have to take a 5 hour Ethics class every year. Five Hours! They ask you questions like, “would you steal bread to feed your hungry child?” Yes, and I would kill you for that five hours of my life back.


Comment by Amy

Five hours? In the same day? On ethics? Where they can come up with the most ridiculous scenarios to question and pontificate upon. No, thanks. I’ll work at McDonalds.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

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