Perpetually Peeved

Don’t hold your breath

During the summer, they have special “camp” weeks at Smalls’ daycare.  This week is Superhero week.  Monday’s special guest was slated to be the firefighters.  Replete with a fire truck tour.  How exciting, right?  Wrong.

Peeved: How was school today, peanutbutter?

Smalls: It was fun.

Peeved: What did you do?  Did you climb on the fire truck?

Smalls: No.

Peeved: Why not?

St. Shirley (I mean, Teacher): Well, Perpetually, the firemen didn’t come today.

Peeved: What? Why not?

Teacher: I don’t know.  They really disappointed the kids, didn’t they Smalls?

Smalls: Mommy, what does “disappoint” mean?

You know, disappointment is like that time Mommy was having a rough day at work and kept daydreaming about the wonderfully delicious dark chocolate Milano cookies in the cabinet only to come home and find that someone ate the last of them.

Disappointment is like when I finally visited “home” and went to my favorite restaurant (the one that makes the best eggplant rolotini I’ve ever put in my mouth) only to find out it went out of business.

Or, like when I went to that new restaurant in town that everybody was raving about and discovered that it was just over-hyped and average.

Some people say disappointment is avoidable.  Just lower your expectations and no one and nothing can disappoint you.  I say screw that.  No one ever got anywhere without having high expectations.  Am I going to look into those big, blue, 4-year-old eyes and say, “Disappointment is what happens when people are selfish jerks and you should never trust anyone or expect anything out of life?”

No, I’m the type of person that held her breath everyday from April until October thinking, “Today will be the day that they throw me a surprise 30th birthday party.”  Was I disappointed when it never came?  Yes (and a tad bit blue).  But, three years later I still think… “Well, maybe for my 35th.”

Disappointment is going to happen.  Sometimes it’s avoidable, sometimes it’s not.  What peeves me is when it is.  When you say you are going to do something, be somewhere or bring something, then, for crying out loud, do it, show up, bring it.  How hard is that?

Peeved: Hmm, Smalls, good question… Disappointment is when you are looking forward to something and it doesn’t happen, or when you expect someone to do something and they don’t and it makes you upset.

Smalls: Like when I want to eat ice cream before dinner and you won’t let me?

Peeved: No, but nice try.

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haha too cute… glad to see she understood disappointment so quickly 😉

Comment by pbandchutney

Wha? Firemen flaked out on the kids?! There better have been a 4 alarm inferno across town. You need to send the fire station that picture of your incredibly cute daughter with the caption “Will never trust the fire department as long as she lives.”

Comment by Amy

Yeah, but I’m afraid I’d be on a “Do Not Answer” list at the 911 dispatch office. 🙂

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

I’m with Amy on the flaking out – that just sucks. But that last picture is adorable enough to make me forget all about it. 🙂

Comment by Bonnie

That icecream is as big as her head!

Comment by gallowaygrave

I’m hesitant to become all serious about this one. But you have to consider the possibility of uncontrollable circumstances for the fire department. If it was a case of them just not bothering to show up, because they got caught up in a game of poker, … you would be right to be annoyed. If on the other hand, for some reason they are suddenly understaffed (summer leave, percentage of personnel with time off, perhaps some extra sick leave, …) then they have to concentrate on the core business and remain on call for fire alarms.

Comment by Gruff Guano

I’m sure there was a good reason why they weren’t there. I was just using this real life conversation as a spring board into the peeve. When Smalls asked me what disappointment meant, you can image the litany that ran through my head (a bunch of stuff I wrote and then deleted from the blog). 😉

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

🙂 I can imagine. I’ve been there, trying to explain grown up terminology in toddler language. Sometimes you complete the track, sometimes you wind up in the dunes and the sand just keeps on getting looser and looser.

Comment by Gruff Guano

Loved the o ‘on fire ” fire truck. I’m working on a cartoon(I’ve drawn 250) with Mr.Death writing life insurance policies. Love irony. The photo of da kid is priceless. At least she knows the general area where the ice cream goes. My son when little thought the ice cream went on his shirt or on the floor. When little my daughter thought it went in her hair. Seems only one that knew ice cream to mouth relationship was the dog.

Comment by Carl D'Agostino

I love it. I want to see some drawings!

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Mrs. Peeved. Would be happy to send you samples cartoons. Best not to discuss on blog, right ? Perhaps email your US Mail address or private non blog email. But I am not very good at scan/ send. US mail better. Perhaps you would post some ? We’ll see. I will make you smile and giggle too. The 250 represent 35 years work and rework.

Comment by Carl D'Agostino

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