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Stupid is as stupid emotes :) <3

As promised, a light afternoon snark.

I have a problem with people who are stupid.  I’m not very patient, I hate talking slow and I don’t like to repeat myself.  However, I feel these people really can’t help it.  So, I try not to hold it against them. 

My larger issue comes with people who are not stupid, yet constantly pretend like they are.  Being ditzy or immature does not make you cute.  No one wants to be cute.  Only kittens and children are cute.  God (or, whoever) makes them that way so you won’t kill them when they shit all over the rug and whine until your ears bleed, respectively (unless you have a really bad kitten and a really bad kid – then it would be collectively and, honestly, who would blame you at that point?).

Exhibit A: 

This, dear readers, is the name of a highly educated individual as written on public sign-up sheet.  Okay, an unfortunate pink highlighter was the only writing utensil at the ready – I forgive you.  Please do not try to justify the cutesy – putesy heart dotting the “i” – there is no excuse.   It is not Valentine’s Day.  You are not in fourth grade.  Highlighter pens do not explode and accidentally form heart shapes.

Another thing?  There is a time and place for smiley faces and emoticons.  I like the little winking 😉 one.  It’s kind of snarky and I’m too lazy to press the shift key and the semicolon key at the same time.  Making a comment on a post, fine.  Sending a friend a message, fine.  Saying something that could be taken the wrong way if the recipient doesn’t read sarcasm well, fine.  Adding to the end of a professional email about a business-related matter, not fine.  No way, no how.  If there is something professional that needs to be said, it should be said sans smiley.  If it could be misinterpreted, then you need to rewrite it or have a face-to-face conversation about it.  Because adding a big, dumb 🙂 to the end of an email where you are trying to convey an intelligent message is the equivalent of writing your resume in crayon.

And, how stupid is that?


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Well in the spirit of Gump, would you like a piece of chocolate to go with the stupid heart!

Comment by thepieholeoverfloweth

Yes, I would like a piece of chocolate for every stupid thing I have to put up with. Am buying stock in Hershey’s right now.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Get a brain morans!

Comment by shoutabyss

🙂 😉

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

THREE OF THE STUPIDEST THINGS I HAVE EVER DONE: 1) Walked into the Flamingo Bar in Buffalo, New York, wearing a Miami Dolphins Jersey. 2) State trooper pulls me over (tail light). I initiate the conversation: “Howdy, dude! What’s with the far out hat? The rodeo in town?” 3) In a bar alone in west Broward County and about two dozen fellows walk in in full Civil War Confederate uniform, flintlock rifles, swords ,etc. and I start singing “Yankee Doodle.” I sure am stupid. I mean stupid, stupid.

Comment by carldagostino

I’m surprised you were able to whittle the list down to just three things.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

You got me again. Are you related to William Tell or Robin Hood? When are you doing a post about your unmatchable adroitness in hurling barbs, arrows and spears?
Certainly there are more but these were just 1985. This will take about 4 sessions with the shrink to heal from this “piercing” wit.

Comment by carldagostino

emoticon, I love that word, sounds scifi

Comment by Luke The Drifter

Yeah, it’s a little robot that just rolls around on the floor laughing and winks a lot.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

In total agreement about acting dumb, but IMHO even more peevesome that it usually gets you further than acting smart…

Comment by WorstProfEver

This peeves me so much that I actually have a post drafted on it. Coming soon!

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Oh, lord! I have a client (works for an Architect – pretty professional stuff) who emails me for things (just this morning in fact) and each one of her emails have not only emoticons, but animated ones. Little smilies that blow kisses at me or hand me flowers. Some of these are not little. I got one where the smilie took up half of the email page. It was grinning and winking at me. Yeah. Real professional.

Comment by Amy

Well at least you are getting kisses and flowers. If they had an emoticon that gave the finger, I would have to rethink my stance.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

(Ripping up my crayon-inscribed business cards) That is stupid! 🙂 I hate those people that use the damn smiley face! 🙂 Morons! 🙂

Comment by redriverpak


How do I love thee, let me count the ways. As an English teacher, I go crazy over these kinds of things. They are all about knowing your audience. Alas, these days, people seem to have a hard time differentiating friends from people who … well . . . should not be receiving casual correspondence, including emoticons. I’m sending you a link to a great article written by my friend.;content

I plan to use it as curriculum this year! How do you think THAT is going to go over?

Comment by Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson

” While my pocketbook is excited that she starts kindergarten next year…”

Preach on! Our only daughter just went from day care to kindergarten and the change in our budget is HUGE. I’m thinking about going to Disney Land now based on the extra income. 🙂

Comment by totaltransformation

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