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Shh… Nobody Move!

Don’t make a peep.  I somehow finagled it so Biggie is out with a friend, Smalls is watching a movie and “camping out” in my room and I have a bottle of wine and Mr. Peeved’s fast, new laptop all to myself. [Insert evil laugh here.]  My BIG plans for the night? 



and this: 

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  • Yes, folks it’s a regular old party.  If I failed to mention your blog, the evite must have gotten stuck in your Spam box.  Don’t worry, I’ve got you in my Blog Surfer.  Like any good party, the comments should get good after the second glass (especially since I’ve decided to forego dinner in order to get a better buzz, quicker).  Oh, and bring your friends – if I’m not reading someone I should be, let me know.  Things should get interesting! 

    Kind of like this... Don't know who this guy is, but apparently after a drink (or 7) we grew very close. So close, that I had to get a photo memento. Alrighty, then.


    Don’t worry, if anyone needs an aspirin tomorrow, I’ve got plenty. 

    This is the inside of my purse the other day... See that ziploc baggie?


    I swear officer, they're low-dose aspirin.


    Really, I just envisioned getting pulled over and going in for my license.  Don’t ask how these got in there.  It’s a long story involving a hellish day and a helpful friend.  

    Last night we went to curriculum night at Biggie’s school.  Mr. Peeved wanted to see Biggie’s locker to see how it was decorated.  I flashed him the pills, “Oh my God, wouldn’t it be funny if we pretended to bust her…[giggle]?…No?…Bad mommy?…Gosh, you used to be fun!”

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    There is no way this delightful looking young woman can be the peeved witch scathing word using lady. Just no way. Peeved lady, you are going to be in a lot of trouble(worse than the principal’s office) when this gal finds out you are using her picture.

    Comment by carldagostino

    Shit, D’Ag – you busted me. So, now I have to tell everyone that the guy in the picture is you. 😉

    Comment by perpetuallypeeved

    Hmmmm. Well, I kinda wish it was me. About half that age though.

    Comment by carldagostino

    Oh, D’Ag, I was just teasing. We all know you’re only 90. 🙂

    Comment by perpetuallypeeved

    No wonder you have no filter. You’re funneling wine!

    Your Friday night sounds just like mine – minus the wine 😦

    Comment by Conflicted Mean Girl

    What do you mean “minus the wine?” Surely, you have wine… if not, whine?

    Comment by perpetuallypeeved

    plenty of whine and one bottle of whine that I look longingly at. I’m still nursing on a fairly unpredictable schedule so no wine for me.

    Comment by Conflicted Mean Girl

    make mine beer and I will hang with you all night!

    Comment by thelifeofjamie

    Oh yeah, this is a BYO party. Keep your mitts off my poison and no one gets hurt! (Seriously, though, I love me some beer too. Especially that high-gravity stuff that gets you buzzed without all the bloat.)

    Comment by perpetuallypeeved

    CMG – Ack. You have my condolences. You are just a walking boob. Those were some hard-ass days. Think about how buzzed you’ll be when you finally wean. 🙂 Oh – and you’re DD for the night.

    Comment by perpetuallypeeved

    Yes I’ve been DD for quite some time now. Although when we had our big night out at Olive Garden last week for my birthday I planned ahead and had three bottles ready for her and had one GIANT glass of wine. It was heaven.

    Comment by Conflicted Mean Girl

    I support people reading my blog drunk. Thank God I’m in deep into the alphabet. You’ll be three glasses in by the time you get to me.


    Comment by Vodka and Ground Beef

    I’m always three glasses in when I read your blog. It puts me in the right frame of mind. 😉

    Comment by perpetuallypeeved

    Why low dose aspirin? They just thin your blood a bit so the alcohol and aspirin combination induced stomach ulcer rupture will go further… (sorry, I had whisky last night!)

    Comment by gallowaygrave

    And why wouldn’t you get a photo with him? Just…well…he didn’t write anything in his notebook, did he? Because that would be bad.

    Comment by omawarisan

    I was wondering that myself. What would THOSE notes look like? Hmm… I do recall that the photo was taken in front of a piano with a player taking requests. Some “Piano Man”… oh, god… some drunken dancing. I need to find that notebook and burn it!

    Comment by perpetuallypeeved

    I’m late to the party, but I hope you had a great time.
    That wine looks delicious and a little sparkly. Is it a type of Vino Verde?
    Look at me, you are kind enough to mention my blog (yet again) and I’m focusing on the wine!

    Comment by Amy

    I was actually going to recommend it to you! Vino verde, yes. What a wonderfully refreshing white. I usually don’t drink white because it is either too sweet or too dry, but this was very pleasant.

    Comment by perpetuallypeeved

    Pinot Grigio and Vino Verde are the two whites that enjoy (other than champagne). I’ll have to check that one out! It has an animal on the label, so I’m suprised that I haven’t tried it before now.

    Comment by Amy

    I’m sure you made the old bloke’s entire night!

    “Honest Officer! I don’t know how those got in my bag!”

    (clicked in from Sargastic’s blog)

    Comment by S. Le

    Hey, thanks for the invite…did we have fun?! (Things got a little foggy after that second glass — I’m such a light-weight now…so ashamed.)

    Comment by Average Girl

    We had a blast. Just wait until you see the pictures… it will all come back to you then!

    Comment by perpetuallypeeved

    see, if i only had a laptop, i’d be set. then i’d probably just spill wine everywhere and then i’d be screwed.

    Comment by katie o.

    You’re the girl that always brings a sippy cup to the party – aren’t you?

    Comment by perpetuallypeeved

    Where’s your gun? I figured you for the type that would have a .44 Magnum stashed inside her purse! 🙂

    Comment by redriverpak

    Duh… in my hip holster. 😉

    Comment by perpetuallypeeved

    Hee hee hee!! I’m just now playing catch-up myself so I feel ya. Your idea rocked… no better way to catch up than a little peace, a fast new laptop and a bottle of wine. 🙂

    Comment by Bonnie

    I still don’t think I completely caught up – too much good stuff out there! I like the idea though. 🙂

    Comment by perpetuallypeeved

    I guess I’m at the after-party, free beer! Have got to go on a reading bender myself … hope it was fun; now I see Smalls looks like her Mama 🙂

    Comment by izziedarling

    I just realized what a horrible photo that is of me. I shouldn’t drink & post. Ugh.

    Comment by perpetuallypeeved

    I’m with Izz…you and your daughter look so much alike.

    Comment by thoughtsappear

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