Perpetually Peeved

Emily and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad, Horrible Day
She’s a good friend, I know.

Yes, this is a real book. A friend saw it on and forwarded it with the subject line: "ha ha ha"

You know you are having a bad day when:

  • You turn over to press snooze one more time and you can literally hear your neck go “criiiiinnnnkkk.”
  • You walk out of the house 15 minutes late, with your 4-year-old still sitting in a pout on her bedroom floor.
  • You feel like you have worms wriggling around in your head and you left your bag of low-dose aspirin in your other purse.
  • When you rub your forehead you realize you are getting a zit on your eyebrow (Hello Karma, my name’s bitch.  Oh?  That’s your middle name?  What a coincidence.)
  • You forgot your sunglasses.
  • You forgot your lunch.
  • You forgot to put deodorant on.
  • You spend your entire morning working on a project and your computer randomly shuts itself off.
  • It’s 1:00 before you get the chance to pee.
  • You realize your underwear are on inside out.
  • One of your contacts has decided to make a run for the border and the other keeps popping around like a Mexican jumping bean.
  • You run out to grab late lunch and realize you only have 1/200 a gallon of gas in your car.
  • You glance up in the rearview mirror and realize you have a “bunny in the barn” (Well, how the hell long has that been there and why did no one see fit to tell me?)
  • Your hair has decided to go all Firestarter on your ass and the same worms that are sucking all the moisture out of your retinas have also paid a visit to the ends of your locks.
  • You can’t even come up with a mildly entertaining blog post.
  • It’s only 3:00 and you’ve already asked yourself, “Is it time for a martini?” five times.

Here's the book I ripped off the post title from...

Bad days suck.  How do you know when you’re having one?

Oh, and is it time for my martini now?

And, before you go commenting on how much worse it could be, I know.  I already knocked wood.  You’re not helping.

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I’m afraid to ask, but what is a “bunny in the barn?” A booger? I hope you have a fun martini filled afternoon!

Comment by thelifeofjamie

Thank you Jamie, I do too! 😉 Booger, FTW.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

– when you step in dog poop, and don’t even own a dog
– when you think you can make it to work w/ the teeny bit of gas in your car, but you’re wrong.

enjoy your martini time 🙂

Comment by pbandchutney

OMG! Why do those dog owners not pick that crap up?

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Bunny in the barn – great! Screw the vermouth – I’m headed straight for the big girl bottle.

Comment by izziedarling

Yeah, I just started an IV drip.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Well at least you are lucky today on two things! The weather channel says tonight’s meteor storm will(should) miss your house by at least 17 blocks and the hurricane is not until tomorrow so you have all night to prepare. Boy, talk about leading a charmed life…..

Comment by Carl D'Agostino

Hurricane? I better stock up on coffee and Excederin.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

I hope that is a large pitcher of Martini’s you are drinking! 🙂

Comment by redriverpak

After a day like yours booze alone is not going to cut it…I also recommend chocolate, a foot massage (oh, sorry, my bad…ex nay the feet) and someone murmuring in your ear…”You can leave the dishes for the morning.”

Comment by blogdramedy

You are a girl after my own heart.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Bunny in the Barn – oh yuck that is too funny.

Yesterday was one of those days when I just got more and more stressed.

The bank screwing up when I tried to renew my lottery tickets online (yes you can do that in the UK thank god) and forcing me to call them at a premium rate, just about made me flip.

I have plenty of Pet Peeves, was actually going to write an article about them today, and visiting here has me DEFINITELY going to write one.

I need to get my frustrations vented – and BTW Bunny in the Barn is still making me grin… My 10 year old daughter suffers more with hay bales in the barn than bunnies though. It’s really gross…

Comment by poddys

Hello Poddy! Thanks for visiting. If you would like to do a guest post, I would be more than happy to oblige. Peeve away, friend, peeve away.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

So who got smalls to school?

Comment by gallowaygrave

Smalls has totally pimped her trike. She’s got nitrous boost and everything.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Well I never did! News reports in britain earlier this week about ambulance depots being raided and stocks of nitrous oxide (pain killing laughing gas) being stolen and then pumped into the car fuel of boy racers who want more power. Smalls inhales!

Comment by gallowaygrave

When you get your child to school, only to realize that instead of a shirt, he put on a zip-up hoodie, hoping you wouldn’t notice.

And then, thinking about the last time you did laundry for him, you realize that he’s been flying commando for at least 2 weeks, cause there were no underwear in his dirty laundry. He says it’s because he likes to be “unencumbered”. He’s 12 and shouldn’t know that word yet.

You got dressed in a hurry, because you were that 15 minutes late, and when you get to your desk, you realize that the shoes you bought in two colors because they were comfortable and cute, are now in two colors on your feet, because you didn’t realize you’d mixed them up in the dark.

And your child calls you 5 minutes after you get to work, to remind you that they needed a permission slip/bag lunch/swimsuit/gymshoes for school today, and they forgot it – under their bed at home.

Ack. Happy Friday.

Comment by Brea

Yes! Happy Friday, indeed. It’s good to know I’m not alone. 😉

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

I hate when I forget to put deodrant on. And I hate when I put it on twice. I hate it when I realize I forgot to put deodrant on and I immediately start sweating.

Not quite a martini, but I had 2 margaritas yesterday after work.

Finally the weekend has arrived.

Comment by thoughtsappear

When I wake up to dog hurl on the floor, I just turn around and go back to bed. Nothing good ever happens after you have to clean up dried vomit first thing in the morning.

Friday is here!

Comment by Amy

boom chica wowow

Comment by cfq

Why, thank you. I know you’re just spam, but flattery will get you everywhere.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

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