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Wednesday “What the…?”

These Wednesdays just keep getting here quicker.  While our daily dose of WTF is fun, I don’t want you to think I’m not peeved enough lately.  In fact, I’m posting this from my iPhone right now because the douche otherwise known as Comcast – sorry, Xfinity – is incapable of providing me continuous service despite the fact that I provide them with continuous (over)payments.  I don’t know if you’ve ever typed a long message on an iPhone before, but I liken it to having a bad case of bad diarrhea and cheap toilet paper.  In other words, a pain in the ass.  That said, here we go…

1.  What the… Are You Selling?

WTF Was Wrong With Some Bodywash and a Loofah?

2.  What the… Are You Wearing?

Last night, Mr. Peeved was helping me out and decided that if the kids laid out their clothes for the next day, it would make my life easier in the morning.  A good theory.  The problem here is in the execution.  The pic above is of the outfit I pulled off the dresser this morning.  First, it is October 20th.  And, while we are having a bit of an Indian Summer here in the South, a short-sleeved shirt and mini skirt may be pushing it a bit.  Second, and most importantly, a green shirt, a jean skirt that has red piping, aqua socks and clownfish shoes – yep, I’m pretty sure when you look up “clash” in the dictionary this is the image you see.  His defense?  “She picked it out herself.”  Mmm-hmm.  Thank the heavens I was too mortified to actually let her wear it.  It was picture day and I had forgotten.  WTF Mr. Bet Your Parents Blamed Your Bad Outfits and Bowl Cuts on You, Too?

3.  What the…  is that?

As seen outside the local strip club.

Yes, breakfast at the strip club.  WTF Kind of Idiot Would Order the Crabcake Benedict?

4. What the… is wrong with this picture?

I don’t actually do any physical activity (unless you count running my mouth), but isn’t protein powder supposed to help you gain weight?  WTF Mr. Unless You Are Smuggling Out A Can of That Crap Under Your Shirt, I Really Don’t Think You Need To Be Buying It?

Eyelift? Check.  Thinned out nose? Check.  Plumped up lips? Check.  Hmm… no, something tells me the girl who would buy this shirt wouldn’t have stopped there.  WTF Would Possess Someone To Wear This Shirt Besides a Sponsorship Deal to Buy Some New Boobs?

WTF Mr. I Bet You Like To Think Outside the Box and Color Outside the Lines, Too?

Can you say “creepy?”  WTF Is That Doll Looking At?

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Your husband and my husband must have gone to pick out clothes that don’t match school together. When I am out and he dresses the kids, I am mortified that he takes them out in public that way!

Comment by thelifeofjamie

Sometimes I think they would be better off if they DID really pick out the clothes themselves.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

I did not see your face reflection in the mirror. Is this just a temp phenom because of Halloween or… ? The child’s outfit is the most girl-dork I’ve ever seen. What kind of mind can be so perfectly absurd re this clothing genre. Down here, even the church school kids would set the wearer ablaze. Now we get lots of “Columbian dust” in Miami, but was shocked you can buy two large bags of cocaine right there at the grocery store. Have you people no shame or at least a bit discreet? Must be a local tax thing to improve education or something, huh? Re the car, down here ya gotta park like that so you have enough room to get out of the car and to have enough space so the jerk’s door does not dent your door when opened. The dummy’s head looks like an Egyptian Twiggy.Give your balls the axe – won’t sell here. Winston Churchill said “They’ll always be an England.” Obviously there is none any more.As per breakfast, I’ll order the bacon “strips.” Peeved Lady, you live on strange planet.

Comment by carldagostino

D’Ag, you continue to entertain me. “Give your balls the axe – won’t sell here.” Brilliant. Bacon “strips.” Delightful. Strange planet? Don’t we all?

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

The strip club gives whole new meaning to breakfast sausage

Comment by Pop

You just made me laugh so hard I had to explain to my coworker… Um, awkward!

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Crabcake Benedict huh? Priceless! 🙂

Comment by TheIdiotSpeaketh

Seriously though, I wouldn’t walk into a strip club without goggles on for fear of what may fly into my eyes.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Ah, the Cheetah. Weren’t they the ones who had a $4.99 steak special for a while?

I hate asshats who park like that! You got the big truck, now learn how to drive it.

And that doll head is awesomely creepy.

Comment by Amy

Yes, home of the $4.99 steak. I guess they thought giving drunk guys knives wasn’t such a great idea.

That doll head made me want to wet myself. I’m surprised I even got off the shot. I HATE dolls.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

I like that the Saturday breakfast lasts until 4. Wow. That’s a lot of bacon. And babes.

Comment by 36x37

I am not sure where you live in the south, but there are times during your WTF Wed, I heard Rod Serling and the Twilignt Zone theme song in my head.

Comment by apieceofthepiehole

It’s all in the editing, piehole. I just notice these random things. And, now that I have What the… Wednesdays, I notice them more.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Well, whatever you are doing, keep it up. There are some amazing screen play bits in your WTF Wed. I look forward to this post every week!

Comment by apieceofthepiehole

Mr. Bet Your Parents Blamed Your Bad Outfits and Bowl Cuts on You, Too? Classic. And painful, since I was kid with the Lloyd Christmas haircut and same shirt in four consecutive years’ pictures.

Cut Mr. Peeved some slack. The main criteria for picking out clothing for a dad are: 1. It’s clean; 2. Or semi-clean; 3. And it fits; 4. Sort of.

Yeah, Kick Ass Wife redresses our kids all the time.

Thanks for the weekly WTF fix.

Comment by mc6pack

I love these kinds of posts. Funny pictures with funny captions. So happy when I find them. came over from Gopopgo (you know, the samoan spammer).

He’s a nice guy, so, I thought I’d come over on his rec.
Nice to meet you!

Comment by Alexandra

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