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Hi, I’m Emily and I am Perpetually Peeved.  I have a predisposition to overreaction.  It’s hereditary.  My mother has a Chicken Little tendency to start screaming, “The sky is falling!” every time an acorn falls off an oak tree. With me, the tiniest little thing can set me off.  I have frequent “freak outs” and need to tell myself to breathe deeply and count to ten – a lot.  In addition to this wonderful genetic gift, I was also blessed with a deeply sarcastic sense of humor and a tendency to not give a crap what other people think.  I grew up in the breeding ground of cynicism and snark: New York.  Which means, yes, the cherry on top is my potty mouth.

Here’s what you need to know before reading my blog: I’m nothing if not honest. Don’t get your panties in a bunch and take things personally.  If you think I’m talking about you, I probably am.  Get over it.  You annoy me sometimes.  Hell, I annoy myself.  Out of fairness, I’ll be sure to include my own annoying quirks.

And, if my language offends you, pretend you see a series of asterisks for every “hit” that follows an “s” and for every “uck” that follows an “f” – cool?

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First of all. Thank you for adding me to your blog roll.

Second. This is brilliant!

I am honored to be in such fine company as yours and Living Dilbert.

Now, back to this wishkiy! *hic*

Comment by The Orifice

You frighten me. I like that. You also make me spew Diet Coke out my nose and while I don’t necessarily like that sensation, I love being surprised into a laugh.
And, I liked you even before I noticed you have me on your blogroll (thanks for that!).

Comment by Amy

love it! thanks for not being PC. If there was less PC in the world it would be a much more fun place to live!

Comment by Melissa

Thanks! Some people get on my case about it – but I’m not being mean, I’m being honest. If people would stop taking themselves so seriously, they would have a lot more fun!

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Your blog is definetly on my summer read list! Love it! Thanks for saying all the things we all really think!

Comment by Laurie

I have wandered here after your pithy contribution to the friggin loon’s recent post about not getting frontpaged by wordpress. Welcome to the part of blogosphere where hypocrisy is exposed and life bewailed! I can’t promise that I understand all of your Americanisms but I will try! Best to you. dave

Comment by Dave Hambidge

Thanks Dave. I’m America at it’s best… A loud, potty-mouthed, cynical bitch that’s addicted to atrocious reality television (it makes me feel better about myself) and thinks if you aren’t doing it my way, you’re doing it wrong. Hope you find something to at least mildly entertain you here. I’m going to check out your blog now.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Great bloggage!

Comment by Rock The Boat

Thank you! You too.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Hello Emily, I love your blog and added you to my blogroll if that is OK with you… Have a great day!

Comment by redriverpak

That’s awesome. Thank you. You rock too!

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Can’t find how to reach you outside of blog. Would like to send cartoons. US Mail? Mine: 14231 Memorial Highway, Miami, Fl 33161.

Comment by Carl D'Agostino

Love it! I think we might have been seperated at birth or soul mates. Although I have lost some of my edge since moving from northern NJ to FL. Everyone is so sensitive these days and it is exhausting to pretend to be PC sometimes. Gonna love letting lose here.

Comment by Denise

Absolutely Denise! Feel free. 🙂 I don’t judge.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

I’ve been reading your blog, and I have to say, it’s great. Great header too.

Comment by Vodka and Ground Beef

Thank you. I had no idea you were here… 🙂 I’m going to check out your blog now. Looks like I’m going to like it just from the title.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Hey, there — you’re featured in my post today. If you’re an awards girl, come pick them up. If not, just make sure you give another blog a shout-out someday. Love your style…

Comment by amanda

Wow! I feel honored. Thanks! I love your writing as well. I shall pass on the nicety.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Sent here via Amanda’s Wrinkled Pages, enjoying reading your back posts. I too come from a peeved and snarky family (Lewis Black reminds me of my granddad) and unlike many outsiders I don’t see any problem with this!

Comment by WorstProfEver

Thank you for visiting. I hope you come back often. 😉 Snark does not get near the amount of credit it deserves.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Hello Kindred Spirit! I putting you on my blogroll.

Comment by thepieholeoverfloweth

Nice place you’ve got here! I think I like it!

Comment by S. Le

Thank you and welcome! I’m about to click over to yours and look around… 🙂

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Love it. Frank, honest, sarcastic. I dig it.

Comment by mairzeebp

Very funny blog! Mostly because I can so relate!

Comment by Expressmom

Awesome blog! I like how you say it like it is, with a good dose of sarcasm thrown in! Glad I popped by. Will read again…and catch you on Twitter.

Comment by Melbourne Mumma

Over-reactive, dramatic sarcasm — what’s not to love??

Comment by Kelly Hay

Peeved lady, where ya been? Can’t maintain the humiliating sarcasm offensive against DB’s without you.

Comment by carldagostino

Sorry D’Ag. I’m back. Glad you missed me, though, that’s flattering. 🙂

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Whew! I feared you had been kidnapped but then thought “Naw!” With your style they would pay a ransom for family to take you back!

Comment by carldagostino

No post in 13 days. Hmmm. Have you been born again and living in the rapture of the Lord where there ain’t no grounds for peeviality? Are you putting parental, familial,health, or career concerns above your obligation to set the world straight and expose its insanity? What about your need to piss off the PC? Have you relinquished the platform of feminist buffoonery to our girl Sarah P? Good Lord, woman. To arms! To arms! Where are your priorities? Even if we have evolved beyond the Industrial Age into the Information Age characterized by its Communication Age adjunct, the by-words are “production, production, production.” There is no time for one to catch one’s breath in the ever changing advance of the demands of the mega technopolis in which we live, less we allow ourselves to be trampled by subhumans of inferior intelligence and literary skills.

Comment by carldagostino

Oh, D’Ag, how I’ve missed thee. 🙂

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Whew! It was like that 40 days in the desert thing.

Comment by carldagostino

What does mean “paved” in english for an italian?

I invite you to peek in my italinglish tin box:

I hope to soon

Comment by Josè Pascal

Where are you? Are you okay? Carl and I are noticing your absence. Please let me know you are okay! Thinking of you.

Comment by Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson

Today I put up my 1 year birthday post. Naturally you are mentioned. Regards.

Comment by Carl D'Agostino

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