Perpetually Peeved

The hostility log & I love “Anger”

Two things have made me happy this week (well, two things I am willing to share).  So, this post will be a two-part anti-peeve.  You will get your fill of angst in my super-duper birthday edition either later today or tomorrow.  Such a tease, I know.

Up first, we have the highlight of corporate training.  Earlier this week, I blogged about the Sexual Harassment training.  Well, yesterday, we had Conflict Resolution training.  Yes!  My favorite.  I love when the top sheet of the handout says, “Anger Management.”  We started with a little personality test.  Love those…  really.  Why don’t you just read me my horoscope?  Anyway, I’m a jazz musician.  That means I’m creative and like to “think outside the box.”  (Sorry, that sound was me gagging.)  It also means I evade conflict.  Another type of personality, the classical musician, avoids conflict.  What’s the difference, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Because I hit up  Evading conflict means that you avoid it through cleverness or trickery.  Now, that actually makes sense.  Kind of the point of this blog.  Avoid the actual conflict, but still get my bitch out in a creative way.  Lucky readers.

Okay, poor hapless souls that are stuck in this training, I would like you to turn to page 6 of your packet.  There you will see a very powerful tool from a great site called  Oh, yes.  There it is.  The highlight of my week:

This is like a worksheet for blog entries.  Okay, so the third column is completely unnecessary.  (Of course it’s justified.)  But, other than that, this could be a template for my daily posts.  I’m considering a name change to “Perpetually Hostile.”  In which case, I would have to use Bearman’s cartoon as my Gravatar. 

Which, leads me to the second thing that made me happy this week.  Bearman is creating cartoons for each of the seven deadly sins.  They are genius, really.  Check them all out at  Here’s my favorite:

The resemblence is scary! 🙂

Anyone else think some t-shirts are in order?  Which would you wear?
Happy weekend!

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