Perpetually Peeved

Anti-peeve: Food worth eating and Why I’m a Bottom Dwelling Blogger

I know, I know, I said I was giving up on this anti-peeve crap.  But, I also warned you that I was prone to lying just because I can.   Besides, you’ll thank me later for sharing… (pictures below are from the site)


Hell to the YES!  You’re welcome.

Also, one more thing that is making me happy today…  I have hit 1,000 page views! (of which I’m sure only 598 were me logging in from other people’s computers).  Thank you, thank you.   What’s so cool about that is that I only have like 10 subscribers, so I know most of this traffic is coming from fellow WordPress Bloggers that are blogrolling me and/or linking to my site.  A lot of these blogs are not getting the attention they deserve!  Please check out my blogroll and/or search for Bottom-Dwelling Bloggers.  Thanks y’all.  Happy Friday!

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