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Anti-peeve: Food worth eating and Why I’m a Bottom Dwelling Blogger

I know, I know, I said I was giving up on this anti-peeve crap.  But, I also warned you that I was prone to lying just because I can.   Besides, you’ll thank me later for sharing… (pictures below are from the site)


Hell to the YES!  You’re welcome.

Also, one more thing that is making me happy today…  I have hit 1,000 page views! (of which I’m sure only 598 were me logging in from other people’s computers).  Thank you, thank you.   What’s so cool about that is that I only have like 10 subscribers, so I know most of this traffic is coming from fellow WordPress Bloggers that are blogrolling me and/or linking to my site.  A lot of these blogs are not getting the attention they deserve!  Please check out my blogroll and/or search for Bottom-Dwelling Bloggers.  Thanks y’all.  Happy Friday!

Vegetarians who wear leather… and other hypocrites

Okay, first up on the long list of things that drive me absolutely freaking insane: hypocrites.  Vegetarians who wear leather are like the poster children of hypocrisy. 

It’s fine if you want to snub your natural instincts and not partake in the best food known to man.  I’ll never understand it, but fine.  Whatever.  I’m especially fine with it if you have a conviction (and most people who have seen “Food, Inc.” have one).  However, if you are going to sit there and stare at my hamburger in horror and tell me all about what the poor cow had to go through in order for me to have the delicious quarter pounder with cheese that I’ve been craving all week, don’t freaking do it while you’re wearing Nine West leather pumps and carrying a Coach handbag. 

Mentioning hypocrisy without calling out Christians would be like not laughing if someone fell on their ass — and by that I mean nearly impossible to do.  I have absolutely no problem with religious folk.  Unless they try to push their values on me.  Christians (and before you attack me, I can say this because I am one) seem to be the worst offenders. Now, I understand the wish to spread religion and peace and good morals… yada, yada.  But did you ever notice that some of the biggest pushers missionaries do the most un-Christian things?  When I went to the Vatican I thought I was going to die before I saw the Sistine Chapel.  Those little rosary-toting ladies would run a bitch down just to get a glimpse of Jesus.  The most atrocious example has to be the assholes at God Hates Fags who are currently protesting Jewish establishments across Atlanta.  I don’t really know where to start with this.  First of all, what does one thing have to do with the other – I’m totally confused.  Second, and most important, wasn’t Jesus a Jew?  Did God hate him too?

Hypocrisy also abounds whenever someone tries to give advice. If you are going to tell me what to do about my job, children, attitude, etc., please take stock of your own first.  Think long and hard about what advice you would give yourself (not that you would be able to hear yourself over the sound of your own voice).  Unless you are Mary freaking Poppins, don’t tell me how to raise my kids.  Supernanny?  I’d put HER in time-out…  does she even have kids of her own?  Please.

If you think it’s hypocritical that I’ve started a blog to whine about my peeves when whining is probably the #1 universal peeve, well, you’re probably right.  And, if you find that you are right 99% of the time, don’t worry, there’s a post coming up about you soon.

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