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Come as you’re not

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year.  I love getting dressed up.  This year, for whatever reason, I wasn’t feeling very inspired.  Maybe it’s that I’m busy sewing nine costumes (I can’t say no), or that I recently dyed my hair dark brown (I usually go as a famous red-head).  Yesterday, my luck turned.  I was invited to a “Come as You’re Not” party.  Now, from what I’ve heard this is a popular theme for sorority parties, but it was the first I’d ever heard of it.  Maybe because the thought of wearing pearls and various accessories adorned with greek letters makes me cringe.  I digress. 

Now my problem is, I’m over-inspired.  Here are the myriad ideas I’ve come up with – help me pick one?  Or, suggest your own?

I am not a mindreader. (

I am not an optimist. (

I am not one to hold my tongue. (

I am not a doormat. (But, if I was, I'd be this one.) (

I am not your maid. (

I am not 'cho cheese. (

I am NSFW. (

I would not be caught dead wearing a pink velour tracksuit. ( and

I am not on par. (

I am not sweet. (

I am not afraid. (flickr: elrina753)

I am not balanced (a/k/a unbalanced). (

I am not special. (I can't even believe you thought I was going to make fun of the mentally handicapped - what is wrong with you?) (

I am not NOT funny. (Or, maybe after that last one you think I am?) (

So, what’s your vote or suggestion?

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