Perpetually Peeved

Shh… Nobody Move!

Don’t make a peep.  I somehow finagled it so Biggie is out with a friend, Smalls is watching a movie and “camping out” in my room and I have a bottle of wine and Mr. Peeved’s fast, new laptop all to myself. [Insert evil laugh here.]  My BIG plans for the night? 



and this: 

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  • Yes, folks it’s a regular old party.  If I failed to mention your blog, the evite must have gotten stuck in your Spam box.  Don’t worry, I’ve got you in my Blog Surfer.  Like any good party, the comments should get good after the second glass (especially since I’ve decided to forego dinner in order to get a better buzz, quicker).  Oh, and bring your friends – if I’m not reading someone I should be, let me know.  Things should get interesting! 

    Kind of like this... Don't know who this guy is, but apparently after a drink (or 7) we grew very close. So close, that I had to get a photo memento. Alrighty, then.


    Don’t worry, if anyone needs an aspirin tomorrow, I’ve got plenty. 

    This is the inside of my purse the other day... See that ziploc baggie?


    I swear officer, they're low-dose aspirin.


    Really, I just envisioned getting pulled over and going in for my license.  Don’t ask how these got in there.  It’s a long story involving a hellish day and a helpful friend.  

    Last night we went to curriculum night at Biggie’s school.  Mr. Peeved wanted to see Biggie’s locker to see how it was decorated.  I flashed him the pills, “Oh my God, wouldn’t it be funny if we pretended to bust her…[giggle]?…No?…Bad mommy?…Gosh, you used to be fun!”

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