Perpetually Peeved

One more reason to rear-end you

I often fantasize about driving into the back of cars just for the fun of it.  In fact, I think it would give me great satisfaction to actually do it one day.  Maybe when my car is about to die I’ll give it a shot.  When I do, I’m going to make sure it’s one of those Subaru Outbacks that is covered in bumper stickers.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  They have something to say and dangnabbit the back of their car is the place to do it.

It completely pisses me off if I have to try to speed up to get close enough to read the bumper sticker and it’s something stupid.  I mean, for all that effort, please entertain me.  I don’t care if your kid is an honor student, if you came from Tybee Island (GD I HATE those initial circle thingys!), or if your dog is smarter than my honor student.  Really, who gives a shit but you?

The political bumper stickers are even worse.  Why don’t you spend the time it took to go out, buy the bumper sticker, peel the back off and find the perfect spot amongst the collage, to write a letter to Congress.  You are not going to change the world with a bumper sticker.  Hell, you’re not even going to change an opinion.

Now this is entertaining…

Yes, you read that right. Potty humor rocks.

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