Perpetually Peeved

(Friday Bonus: Anti-peeve) If the shoe fits, buy it

It has come to my attention that this whole being a sarcastic kvetch every day thing may give some people the wrong impression of me.  (Yeah, I don’t get it either.)  So, I’ve decided to do a little “bonus post” on Fridays.  I’m going to give a little love to the anti-peeve – you know, the little things that make everything all better.  So, here we go…

I could have a morning where my cat died, a branch fell on my car and busted my windshield, the baby cried all the way to the daycare while i was driving behind a fat guy on a bike only to get to work and have a shit ton of someone else’s crap to do – yet, if I went to DSW on my lunch hour and there was a pair of hot shoes in the clearance section in my size – screw Calgon and chocolate, I’d be one happy B. 

That may explain why I have about 60 pairs of shoes and a plethora of DSW rewards points.  Oopsie.

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