Perpetually Peeved

The Ancient Art of the Encyclopedia

Have you ever wondered what people did before Google?  Rough morning today.  Forgot my phone.  Oh!  The horror!  How will I ever survive without the ability to Google (at the red lights) the answers to the all the random questions Smalls has?  Think I’m being a baby?  Take this test… how many of these questions do you know the answers to – WITHOUT looking them up?

What is the difference between a porcupine and a hedgehog?


Do bees poop?

He's been contemplating it for years now...

Why do viking hats have horns on them?

Only the blue ones.

Do hedgehogs have tails?

Maybe this guy would know.

Do airplanes have batteries?

Why is the sky blue?

Why do girls have to wear high heels to work?

Do we come from dinosaurs?


Why won’t God make you give me a puppy?

Hmm…. so, that’s what encyclopedias are for.

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Peeved Lady is back. Hooray !!!! I have grown up since you have been living on the moon all this time- 1800 comments.

Comment by carldagostino

“Why won’t God make you give me a puppy?”—Best question ever!

Comment by thoughtsappear

Impressive…assault you with ridiculous questions and then hit you with the hard hitting one. You can’t google your way out of that one! I see a little newsmaker in the making!

Comment by thelifeofjamie

Must hide that picture of the hedgehog from the girls or they’ll be asking me why God can’t make me give them one never mind the puppy ( or the micro pig they’re stuck on at the moment )

Comment by egills

The bees … wow.

Comment by izziedarling

Why indeed wont someone get me a puppy!??!!

Comment by marinasleeps

Yeah. I’m a barely functioning idiot without Google.
Don’t bees poop honey? Or, do they puke honey? Always get that one confused.

Comment by Amy

Smalls must be around the same age as my son.
Last week he asked me “why do we have feet?”

Your posts always make me think. 🙂

Comment by tryityoumightlikeit

None of the girls where I work where high heels. I’m feeling shortchanged here.

Comment by writerdood

Women don’t have to wear high heels to work. Women need shoes appropriate for the workplace, which can just as easily be flats.
There was a time when women were expected to wear heels and stockings, but that time has passed.

Comment by acleansurface

At least you didn’t get the “why do feet sweat” question. 😉

Comment by Blogdramedy

Honey, I would have PAID to give you my puppy. He chewed everything and ate his own poop. He now lives 11 doors away with my SIL, Lord love her. Oh, and FYI: Two years later, and he still eats his poop.

About the high heels? It’s because we look fabulous in them. We really do. Guys simply cannot pull off that look with all that leg hair. 😉

Comment by Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson

Hey! I gave you an award – The Irresistibly Sweet Award.

You should check out my latest post for the rules and regs, but you are to write 7 things about yourself, pick 5 to 25 blogs that you like and pass along the award. You are also to notify the winners (just like I’m doing).

I’ve missed you – you must be busy! Since the kids have gotten out of school I haven’t had any time to myself!


Comment by Jenni

Viking hats have horns because they want God to make them porcupines and I’m pretty sure women are wearing heels to avoid the piles of bee feces.

Comment by Amy

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