Perpetually Peeved

You’re kidding me, right?

I don’t usually pay much mind to the Golden Globe nominations, but earlier today someone posted a prediction poll. Out of curiosity, I checked it out. Of all the movies nominated, I had seen three. Inception, Despicable Me, and… Burlesque. Yes, Burlesque. Here’s something to vote on: what is worse? A) the fact that I saw Burlesque in the theater, or B) the fact that the Golden Globes nominated it without even the excuse of an adamant sister and the bribe of a few beers?

Grease? Yes. Chicago? Yes. Moulin Rouge? Hell yes. Burlesque? Bob Fosse just sashayed in his grave.

Tonight, having been ousted from my room by a Care Bear Movie infatuated four-year-old and booted off the computer by a boy infatuated twelve-year-old, I decided to indulge in a little guilty pleasure: House Hunters International. Don’t judge. At least I don’t yell at the TV like my mom does when the idiots pick the wrong house. Besides, it could be worse… last night it was Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Oy vey! Anywho… I’m minding my own business and out of nowhere – BAM! – exactly how low we as Americans have stooped slaps me in the face. Vanilla Ice has his own show. No, wait. Vanilla Ice has his own home improvement show. Bob Villa just turned over in his grave.

What? He’s not dead yet? Did you hear that? (dun dun dun dun na na na…) That’s him putting the finishing touches on his custom coffin and getting the table saw ready.

Lord help us all.

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Dr Zhivago and Nicholas and Alexandra. Great period pieces, tragic, yet full of life and spectacular across the screen as well. I still ain’t seen that Gone with the Wind though.

Comment by carldagostino

I believe it’s the only movie to be nominated for a Golden Globe and a Razzie at the same time!

Comment by thelifeofjamie

Non-Yankee readers may find this link helps in understanding this blastout;

OMG, he coming to Britain… be scared folks!

Comment by gallowaygrave

Since he’s got a home-improvement show, I’m surprised Vanilla Ice isn’t doing commercials for hardware stores, you know, something like, “Ace, Ace, baby.” No? Sorry. I’ll shut up now.

Comment by Todd Pack

Vanilla Ice? Really? I guess he has to pay the bills somehow.

I love Todd’s comment.

Comment by Thoughts Appear

Is he rehabbing MC Hammer’s shack?

Comment by omawarisan

Lord help us!… At least u did not end on Jersey Shore 🙂

Comment by TheIdiotSpeaketh

You don’t think Vanilla Ice would give good house improvement? Nah me neither. Unless he sets off some hits like “all right stop drilling and listen, Ice is back with my brand new invention, ” Id watch then

Comment by marinasleeps

My wife watches House Hunters every night. During the day, she hunts for houses online – not that we’re moving, but just because she enjoys it. It’s funny what people find relaxing.

Comment by writerdood

Speaking of “Burlesque,” I read yesterday that Christina Aguilera crashed Jeremy Renner’s 40th birthday party and, ahem, “enjoyed herself” with her boyfriend in Renner’s bedroom.

How’s that for bizarre? Isn’t celebrity gossip intriguing?

Comment by 36x37

I’m more of an “Intervention” junkie. That and “Hoarders.” Oh, and “Animal Hoarders.” Yeah, I’d like to see Vanilla Ice fix up the house of some crazy meth-addicted cat hoarder. What’s become of us? Is it a sign of the times?

Comment by Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson

Ummh, 3 weeks, I’m getting bovered not peeved… where are you?

Comment by gallowaygrave

Fine, fine. I was lacking inspiration. Lucky for you, I had jury duty yesterday. Will work on something over lunch. 🙂

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Hooray, my muse is back…

Comment by gallowaygrave

Oh Good Lord
Vanilla Ice has his own show? What is happening to America. What’s he gonna do, rap the intro?
“alright stop, collaborate, and hammer-

Tv used to be fun.

Comment by wanderingmenace

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