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Anti-peeve: Food worth eating and Why I’m a Bottom Dwelling Blogger

I know, I know, I said I was giving up on this anti-peeve crap.  But, I also warned you that I was prone to lying just because I can.   Besides, you’ll thank me later for sharing… (pictures below are from the site)


Hell to the YES!  You’re welcome.

Also, one more thing that is making me happy today…  I have hit 1,000 page views! (of which I’m sure only 598 were me logging in from other people’s computers).  Thank you, thank you.   What’s so cool about that is that I only have like 10 subscribers, so I know most of this traffic is coming from fellow WordPress Bloggers that are blogrolling me and/or linking to my site.  A lot of these blogs are not getting the attention they deserve!  Please check out my blogroll and/or search for Bottom-Dwelling Bloggers.  Thanks y’all.  Happy Friday!

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This is a cool blog though I’m not sure what the pet peeve was?

Check out

Comment by realteenreviews

Sorry, if you had seen my post last Friday it would have made more sense. I was told that if I just keep complaining about peeves that I would come off as a big ole B. So, I decided on Fridays, in addition to my regular peeve post that I would do an “anti-peeve” post about something that made un-peeved per se. Don’t worry, I usually never do anything for more than two weeks anyway, so there will be plenty of peevery forthcoming.

I checked out your blog – great concept! However, if you are a teen, I need to warn you that my blog is rated M for mature (I have a potty mouth and don’t want to worry about curbing it for the sake of future generations – at least not here). So, proceed at your own risk. 🙂

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

I think I’d like to make your count up 1001 if I can. As a bottom dweller with only 15 visits to my sight today,I’d be pleased to help somebody else over the top. btw, is there a recipe for the red velvet pancakes? I do all the cooking for me and my wife (she still works, I’m retired). I know she’d like these.

Comment by nobusysignal

Thank you I’ll see if I can bump you up to 16! No recipe, but I have some chefs on it and will post what they come up with (after thorough taste testing, I assure you).

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

I see you joined the bottom dwellers campaign. Since I did, I thought I should check out the other members of this elite group.
Those pancakes look delicious – did you make them?
How long have you been sharing pancake pictures and such?

Comment by lisleman

Thanks for checking out my blog, I’ll be sure to return the favor. I don’t usually post pancakes, but now that I see the interest they generate, I may more often. Started the peeving about two weeks ago. 🙂

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

Geez, thanks PP, that Hamburger calzone is a great idea and it pretty much covers all the food groups!!!

Comment by frigginloon

Have to call her PP don’t you.

Comment by Bearman

You can call me anything you want if you’re reading my blog, 🙂 Besides, I’ve been called worse, trust.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

That calzone (WTF?) is too gross! Welcome to bottom dwellers…

Comment by Dave Hambidge

To each his own. Thanks for the welcome.

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

It looks like a crab emerging from the primordial womb. Will refrain from commenting on pancakes, however.

Comment by Carl D'Agostino

You rock. Enough said.:)

Comment by izziedarling

thank you! you too

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

If I eat that calzone I’ll definitely be dwelling on the bottom – of my shower, curled up in the fetal position moaning, “why, why did I do that.”

Comment by Amy

I second izziedarling. Between you, Amy at Fix it or Deal, and Living Dilbert, I can make it through another day. Oh and I thought of you this morning as I ate a S’mores cupcake in Marietta Square. And that my friend, is why I’m fat.

Comment by katie o.

ha ha – sounds delicious. I’m at the hubby’s restaurant trying to convince the chef to do a red velvet pancakes for dinner night… ;). If I succeed, you may have to come to Decatur!

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

What’s the restaurant? I’m driving thru Decatur right now!

Comment by Katie o

Emily — Call me crazy, but I have a tendency to think any woman who posts pictures of hamburger calzones and says, “hell to the yes,” deserves way more than 1,000 hits. Congrats, girl. Love your sense of humor 🙂

Comment by LauraK

Thank you for appreciating me in the right way Laura. I love your blog as well!

Comment by perpetuallypeeved

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